Unwanted Pot Grows

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Quality of life

Two former family -centered landmark businesses on Highway 26 are turning to Pot.  

As communities across the country and in Oregon face the impact of marijuana grow sites destroying the natural beauty in our rural residential farming communities, the time has come to publicly address the direct impact these sites have upon public safetyquality of life, and our property values

Marijuana grow sites have no place within our city and rural residential neighborhoods.  Neither is there room for complacency on the part of many of us who strongly believe that it is important that regulations geared towards public safety, quality of life and the protection of property values be in place and enforced nationwide.

This site will address the many issues our communities face and recommend action that needs to take place.  As Volunteer Citizens-Together we can make a difference.  




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Unwanted Pot Grow 

Boring, Oregon

(former Mt. Hood Equestrian Center)

Do you need to be concerned about your families or your personal safety living near a Pot Grow?

How is YOUR quality of life affected living next to a large, or even small Pot Grow in your residential area?  Imagine for a moment sitting in your living room having your morning coffee, or entertaining friends, and rather than looking out upon Mt. Hood or perhaps kids at play, you see a security gated grow site.  Upon entering your own driveway, you and your guests are filmed by their motion activated security cameras.   Imagine the impact on your quality of life.

Public Safety


Click here to see just how many there are in just the Clackamas County area alone.

One might ask how someone else's growing and using marijuana affects your property values?

Using Oregon as an example, the Oregon Health Authority reveals that there are over 46, 570 medical marijuana growers in the State of Oregon growing marijuana for over 71,000 cardholders, 3,448 of those unregulated, unlicensed, and untaxed grows are in Clackamas County as an example and the graph below shows how many are located in each City. This means that marijuana grows can be grown just about anywhere, in your neighbor's house, barn, garage, basement, and yard..